Welcome to VuokatinHelmi!

Welcome to spend the vacation of your dreams in the jewel of Kainuu, Vuokatti!


What would be a better place to spend your holidays than VuokatinHelmi? The center of you vacation is a luxury-house in the middle of Vuokatti and its services. Whether your intention is to spend a peaceful family vacation, wild weekend with friends, elegant company-meeting or healthy sports-holiday with a team, VuokatinHelmi offers it all.

The house has lodging for 12 persons and guest-beds for seven more. Neighboring area has services for many requirements and in addition the center of Sotkamo is located less than eight kilometers away with even more services.

For sporty people the selection is really versatile in different areas, from down-hill skiing to bowling, squash to golf. Come and spend a careless vacation in VuokatinHelmi!

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